What is BtvStack.exe

Wondering what is BtvStack.exe and its uses? It’s commonly available in Windows 10/8/7/XP. Is it safe or virus? Check its uses and how to fix it. Qualcomm Atheros Communications by VeriSign for the Windows Operating System developed BtvStack which is associated with Bluetooth Software (BtvStack.exe). The .exe extension file means an executable file. It has to be run on your PC to make use of it. The executable files carry viruses in some cases, so they are treated as malicious to your device.

About BtvStack.exe?

This executable file enables the Bluetooth software on your device, means it integrates combo WLAN and Bluetooth chips. Always make sure you enable Bluetooth on your PC to use it to share files between the devices, in case if it disabled automatically. The Bluetooth software comes with the PC in general. BtvStack is needed for those devices without inbuilt Bluetooth. It is available in 19 versions, the latest one is BtvStack.exe is not the integrated part of Windows 10/8/7/XP.

Brief Overview

  • Publisher: Qualcomm Atheros Commnucations
  • Product name: Bluetooth Software
  • Description: Extension Core
  • Typical file path: C:\Program Files\bluetooth suite\btvstack.exe
  • Original name: btvStack.exe.mui
  • Issued to: Qualcomm Atheros

There are other similar executable files like twunk_32.exe and dbrcrawler.exe which usually exists in operating system.

File Size

The size of the file varies from one windows OS to another windows OS like windows 7/ 8/ 10 from 132,736 bytes, 134,784 bytes (126.23 KB).

File Location

As it is a pre-installed file, it is located in “C:\ Program Files\ Bluetooth suite\ btvstack.exe”. Originally it was released as btvStack.exe.mui. Sometimes you may be encountered with this file extension. Do not get confused by both as they are one and the same.

Is BtvStack harmful?

The chances of it being harmful are high and are most frequently encountered during program startup or when you are trying to access a particular function related to Bluetooth or during the Windows startup. As sometimes it may harm your device, attacking through virus and unwanted malware. The possibility of it harming the device is high

Why BtvStack giving me errors?

The occurrence of errors may be due to several reasons, including downloading these executable files from unknown or non-secure websites and through spam emails. Always remember to scan the executable files, or any files you get from unknown sources.

How to remove BtvStack?

It’s pretty easy to remove it from system. You can go to the Control Panel and remove the program using ‘Uninstall a Program’

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