What is DBRCrawler.exe

This particular file DBRCrawler.exe is a part of Dell Backup application. Check its uses, error, whether DBRCrawler is safe and how to remove it. Dell is one of the leading technical organizations of the world, employing more than 100,000 persons around the globe. If you are using a Dell manufactured laptop, then the DBRCrawler (Dell Backup and Recovery Crawler) application is pre-installed in your devices shipped before April 2016. But not installed on every single device, limited to some models only with Windows OS.

File Size

The size of the file varies from one windows OS to another windows OS like windows 7/ 8/ 10 from 487,144 bytes (0.4MB), 486,880 bytes, 484,880 bytes (473.52 KB), or 484,640 bytes.

File Location

As it is a pre-installed file, it is located in “C:\Program Files\dell backup and recovery\components\shell\dbrcrawler.exe”. The program does work in the background and does not have an open window to show the details. The most common variant is “C:\Program Files(x86)\AlienRespawn\Components\Shell”.

Also check other similar executable files like Aedisrv.exe and Stikynot.exe  which are part of OS.

DBRCrawler.exe Information

Dbrcrawler.exe application process showing in Task Manager

The DBRCrawler.exe is an executable utility application which helps the users to automatically backup their data to protect it from unexpected loss. This executable record runs a procedure which con-temporizes the database utilized by the Dell Backup and Recovery manager.This executable file is not necessary for the OS to run and may cause a few problems.

Is DBRCrawler harmful?

The chances of it being harmful are high and is limited to 28% security risks considers the experts. As sometimes it may harm your device, attacking through virus and unwanted malware. The possibility of it harming the device is high. In reality, there is no such important uses of DBRCrawler.exe on Windows operating system like 10/8/7.

Why DBRCrawler giving me errors?

The occurrence of errors may be due to different reasons. A few of them include file crashing or any suspicious malware attacked the file or knowingly or unknowingly you tried to uninstall but it was not completely removed from your device.

How to remove DBRCrawler.exe from my Operating System?

If still the error occurs with DBRCrwaler.exe please uninstall it through the uninstall guide which removes it safely from your device without further creating any issues. Or follow below steps:

  • Press Ctrl + F button
  • Type DBRCrwaler.exe on right hand side of the window as show below:
    Window search option
  • It will show the file, select it and press Shift + Delete button.

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