Basic Differences between a Modem and a Router

In today’s life everyone use either a modem or a router but do you really know what is the basic difference between Modem and Router? Both of them are used to access internet however their function is different.

Modem vs Router

What is a Modem?

A modem is a hardware device for the network that modulates carrier wave signals to encode digital information for the sake of transmission and then does demodulation of signals in order to decode the information after the transmission.

What is a Router?

A router is also a networking device that sends packets of data in-between computer networks. Basically a router does the traffic directing functions on the internet. User need to access by entering on to browser in order to access a router dashboard.

Differences between a Modem and a Router


A router is basically responsible for creation of network in the computers at your home and in office. And basically a modem connects the computers with the internet.

Role in Wi-Fi

When a user tries to connect to Wi-Fi, he actually connects to the router. The router plays the role of sending traffic between the computer and internet.  Now-a-days, combined version of router and modem are available that plays both the roles in one device.


A router connects various networks and its work is to send traffic between them. Almost all the routers have built-in switches that allow you to connect various wired devices, whereas the modem is a bridge between the local network and the internet. For long, modem is used to modulate the signals in the telephone lines for encoding digital information for transmission and then after demodulation, it gets decoded at the other end.


The type of modem depends on the connection you have. You could connect it to cable, telephone, satellite, and fiber. Ultimately, it provides you a standard Ethernet cable output that could get plugged unto any router.

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