Drvinst.exe – What it is, Uses and how to fix error message

Drvinst.exe is an executable file comes with Windows 10 OS and uses to communicate between hardware device. It’s not a virus or malware, find how to fix message error.  However this file should never be downloaded directly from the internet and should always be used in its authentic form. It is due to this software that the hardware and software devices work in sync with each other. Some virus or malware also project themselves as Drvinst.exe file, so you should always be careful while dealing with these files. Frequent malware security scan should be done to prevent the PC from any virus or Trojans. Drvinst.exe runs across most of the versions of Windows Operating System.

Drvinst.exe file information
Drvinst.exe file information

Drvinst.exe File uses and information

Drvinst.exe is a software which is used for communication between a hardware device and a software application or component. In simple word, the drvinst.exe play an important role to provide a communication line between hardware devices that we use in our computer like Hard-disk, Keyboard etc.  This is an executable file and belongs to the Windows Operating System, and is a trustworthy file.

What is Drvinst.exe?

The genuine drvinst.exe file is produced by Microsoft Windows and is a part of HighPoint RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) Management Software.It plays a vital role in installation of a device driver to establish a communication between an operating system and hardware device.

File Location

The Drvinst.exe play an important tole and comes with windows 10/8/7 operating system. The Drvinst.exe lay down under “C:\Program Files” directory. The average file size is about 94,208 bytes.

What are the common error messages of  Drvinst.exe ?

  • File not found: Drvinst.exe
  • Cannot find file: Drvinst.exe
  • Device not recognized missing Drvinst.exe file
  • Drvinst.exe failed to load

Is Drvinst.exe a safe file?

Yes, file is safe in most of the cases while in some cases it is corrupted. It is very difficult to find and remove it but it can be detect and remove using a comprehensive system scan.

Why Drvinst.exe showing error message?

Just like other executable files this .exe file may also display errors, due to the following reasons as listed below :-

  1. Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Gateway Applications
  2. It may so happen that some other program may have mistakenly deleted this software.
  3. Another program or application or a software may be in conflict with this file
  4. This error may also occur due to corrupt file download or incomplete installation of Gateway Application Disc 2 software.
  5. Corrupt windows registry keys may get associated with this file and lead to the error message being displayed.
  6. Virus or malware may infect the file, which can result in the error appearing on the screen frequently.

Always make sure to run security scan using best antivirus and malware, and make sure to keep your antivirus up-to-date.

How to repair Drvinst.exe Error Message

Just like other executable files, this drvinst.exe file error issue can also be repaired with the following methods as listed below :-

  1. Update the device drivers by going to the device manager. In case any device is creating problem, it shall be highlighted in the device manager.
  2. If the drvinst.exe file is corrupted, then update it using Device Manager.
  3. Install all available windows update and reboot the computer
  4. Take a backup of all your files and folders and reinstall Windows Operating System preferably the latest version.
  5. Conducting a malware scan on your PC to detect any virus or Trojans that may have attacked the file
  6. Delete all junk files and data which are no longer required.
  7. Uninstall any application that has been newly installed or downloaded and try installing it or Windows System Restore can unapply all the changes made to the
  8. Buying the authentic one online or directly from the market
  9. If all above option don’t work then restore your computer using “Backup and Restore” option.

This file is very important for the smooth functioning of the PC since it forms the base upon which lies the communication between software and hardware components, so should be handled very carefully. The system should always be kept clean and stored in a cool dry place. While travelling, laptop should never be carried along with water bottle or with damp objects as this causes damage to the PC.

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