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List of 10 best Alternatives to GnuCash which are free to use for home and business. GnuCash is a free accounting software designed for personal use. This software is easy to use and can take up simple accounting operations like maintaining a budget to more complex ones like managing year end closings and split accounting. The software also supports features like Bank Reconciliation, Payroll Management and Expense Tracking in its basic version.

List of 10 best alternatives to GnuCash

There are many other software that you can use as an alternate to GnuCash. Here is a list:

Money Manager Ex

Money Manager
It is an intuitive, open source finance software that is easy to use. This software is the best for personal use because of its features like one click reporting and its capability to undertake multiple tasks. You can manage your credit cards, savings, stock investment accounts and can make an overall budget with this simple and clean software.


homebank software

HomeBank is a free software designed to manage personal accounts with an easy to use interface. A special feature of this software is that it allows you to keep a track of your finances by converting it to easy to understand filtering tools and graphs.

HomeBank Windows Version 5.18

HomeBank Linux Version



Stoq is a carefully designed financial management software that is available for free use and can be downloaded from an open source. Its interface has been designed very carefully, keeping results from studies on usability in mind. This is a multi-user application that has a number of sub-apps designed to perform varied tasksaccording to the various departments of finance planning. This application is also good for office use.

  • File Size: 58.7 Mb
  • Free Download (Trial)



Skrooge is a personal finance manager application where you can feed, regulate and manage your expenses with efficiency. It has an interface that is easy to operate and can present your finances with area, line charts, pies and plain tables. You can feed your financial information to this software through other websites, spreadsheets or directly from your bank’s website and in multiple currencies.


Invoiceplane free account software

This is a free software that can manage your invoices, quotes, clients and payments efficiently. You can customize the various templates and settings according to your financial needs and taste. It supports up to 25 online payments options like PayPal and Coin base that your customers can send payments by and it will be automatically uploaded into the software.

ZipBooks Free Accounting & Invoicing

Zipbooks software

With its easy and quick interface, ZipBooks is an ideal software for financial management for personal as well as small scale commercial use. This is a free software that allows the users to send quotes and invoices to customers.

Zipbooks is totally free and cloud based accounting and invoicing system, thus no need to install any software.

This software automatically categorizes your finances into separate projects and automatically updates you when an invoice needs to be cleared. You can also insert your logo in the invoices with ZipBooks.


Moneyguru Software

moneyGuru uses a double-entry accounting system that separates your income and expenses into two main accounts, providing you the flexibility to manage your finances in multiple currencies. The interface is simple and can make the job of the user easier with auto completion of values, date editing and keyboard shortcuts. The most intelligent feature of this application is that it allows you to set a date range in future and can access your transactions to give a tentative report of your finances at that time.

MoneyGuru Mac Version

MoneyGuru Ubutni (Linux) Version

Ledger Free Account Software

It is a powerful software that allows double entry accounting with an easy and simple interface. Financial reports can be given to Ledger through text files, which the software studies to make reports for the users. The reports are available in text and graphs. This software is simple in terms of features and easy to use but highly efficient in managing finances.

Ledger Windows Version

Ledger Mac Version

Ledger Ubutnu (Liux)



Grisbi uses a very simple setup to manage your finances. However, this is a highly intuitive software that can support many currencies, users and accounts. It can manage yearly budgets, budget limits, receipts categories and even expenditures for the users.

  • File Size: 42.2 Mb (64 Bit)
  • Free Download

Firefly III

Firefly iii

Firefly III is an ideal financial planner that helps you manage your earnings, savings, loans and payments. The interface is highly advanced, consistent, readable and intuitive and supports various ways of budget planning according to the personal needs of the user.

Firefly III is an online personal finance manager, thus, everything is online.

  • Visit here to try it out.

Other Paid Software to consider:

Apart from above mentioned list, you can also consider below GnuCash Alternative which is good and easy to operate in day to day activity.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)


You Need A Budget is an ideal financial planner that helps you manage your earnings, savings, loans and payments, however it’s a paid version. The interface is highly advanced, consistent, readable and intuitive and supports a cloud sync that allows you to access your account from multiple devices. You can plan accounts for a long term goal by breaking your finances into categories using this software.

Similar alternatives applications:

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