What is twunk_32.exe

Wondering whether twunk_32.exe is safe or harmful? Well, it is a process belonging to Twain Working Group. Find its uses, file size, location & error detail. The twunk_32.exe is identified as a process connected with Twain Thunker, belonging to Twain Working Group. Basically, TWAIN is known as a technology implemented to obtain an image directly from a scanner and then insert it within the document or publication of Windows users. It is known that twunk_32.exe is chiefly created to permit 32-bit applications to call 16 bit. This exe file is an important component of OS that work close with scanner; however, the fact is it normally generates many problems.

About twunk_32.exe

twunk_32.exe file detail

The twunk_32.exe file can be executed by 3rd party file such as malware, replaced and thus, it will start showing error message when MSDN Disc 2180 will be run. It is a kind of malicious .exe file which attempts to install itself on your PC system, in order to harm your system as well as it can disable network security. Moreover, it can lead to important changes to your device and allows viruses to be installed. The exe file has the capability to make use of your security vulnerabilities and install without informing you. 

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It’s Uses

  • It basically control and help to transfer data between software and digital imaging devices
  • It can connect to digital imaging devices like digital cameras and scanners.
  • The time required to acquire an image from a scanner is very less.

File Size 

Twunk_32.exe does not occupy much space because the file size is 25600 bytes. 

File Location

Twunk_32.exe is located inside the C:\Windows folder. Its location is C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\. The program is actually not visible to its users and basically, it is a Microsoft signed the file. 

Is twunk_32.exe harmful? 

This process is not so harmful and does not create much harm to your system because twunk_32.exe is actually not a virus itself. It causes the virus to get installed on your Windows OS. The twunk_32.exe might be counterfeited by some of the cyber culprits and simultaneously, the exe file could be positioned in certain other portions of the Windows system. 

Why is twunk_32.exe giving me errors? 

There is no doubt that twunk_32.exe will give errors to its Windows users because it causes the virus to easily install in the system. This is a malicious file which creates problems in Windows system execution. The process related issues are generally related to problems come upon by the application that executes it.

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